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Our company SVT Corporation has been working in the line of producing valves since the company’s birth in 2008, and we assure you that our product’s high quality and reliability sources from professionalism that has been gained through year of research, experience along with highly skilled manpower in this area.

SVT Corporation’s primary and secondary production plants are equipped with the most advanced models of facilities and also we possess monthly casting capacities of 650tons. The major product vary in range, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball and various types of valves.

Needless to say, SVT Corporation is prepared to provide you with a broad variety of design, size and content.

The purpose of the booklet is to aid the process of gathering vital information about each individual consumer’s demand on type and design.

We confidently state that we are always prepared to take any request into consideration and to see to any demand by our consumers, regarding the design of valves.

Your Sincerely